Hook & Loop

Work done at Hook & Loop, Infor's creative lab in collaboration with Dani Franco (Graphic Designer) & Josh Davis (Art Director)

Infor FY17 marketing campaign customer outreach. By building awareness of the Infor brand through compelling customer stories, the Designed for progress campaign will draw attention to some of our key customer relationships and establish Infor as a market leader in cloud-based enterprise software.

Because our customer stories are inherently rich, engaging, and often educational, it makes perfect sense that Designed for Progress should spotlight these key collaborators and the progress theyíre making with Infor. Through a series of provocative, eye-catching customer features, Designed for Progress will brand Infor as a trusted, innovative enterprise software company that is truly driving progress across industries with beautifully designed, cloud-based technology solutions.

Concept 1
Leverage unique data points from customer projects to illustrate innovation; Provides value to the user by teaching and provoking thought; Stands out from competitor creative, which is typically light on detail

Concept 2
Provokes a positive emotional response by illustrating a customer project that exemplifies progress; Visual style differentiates creative from others in the marketplace; A fresh, bold take on what success looks like for Infor and it's collaborators

Concept 3
Bold use of typography and color grabs viewersí attention; Layout and hierarchy of information allows viewers to discover content at their own pace; Reducing the visual information to only essentials allows viewers to focus on the message.

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